Get Fibre Optic speeds in any location in France for your new home.

Fed up with the commonly slow ADSL fixed telephone line broadband services? Had enough of paying full price for something you are not receiving? Look no further!

- 98% coverage in France - even in remote locations!

- No contracts* & we setup your data package for you

- Up to 10x faster than standard ADSL2 / VDSL fixed line connections

- Fixed telephone line is not required*

- Supports up to 32 users at the same time

- English speaking support

*Some data packages may require a contract term and a phone line but is highly dependant on your location and requirements.

Get your coverage check now...

We will email you with detailed and highly accurate information about what is available to you.

The information is provided based on your location and the information you have provided to us in this request form.


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