Affiliation Programme 2020


Please help us and other families and then we pay for your current service!

We will refund the monthly cost to you for your current fixed line contract at your home.

This means you will be receiving your normal expected fixed telephone line and broadband service completely free of charge.

In order for us to help more families / expats / and new enterprises, we need your help to support their requirement of which

we pay for!

What do I need?

- a fixed copper telephone line or fibre optic connection to your home. (Either connected or disconnected, preferably with

- have been with your current network provider for more than 18 months. (Ability to change provider if required to)

- your agreement to allow us to manage your account and refund what you pay each month. (Agreement to see your monthly bills)

- willingness to renew your contract with the network provider (Typically for 12 months).

How does it work?

It's actually quite simple.

Your new contract will allow us to utilise your unused mobile data as a part of your fixed line service.

Don't worry, this does not affect your current usage in anyway whatsoever, and also does not affect your current mobile usage.

In most cases, a fixed line service provider can also optionally provide you with mobile data of which most users to not utilise.

We need this data in order to provide it to families / expats / new enterprises of which would previously be impossible for them to obtain. This in most cases is impossible due to their location and the requirement of finding new services to provide them with an stable internet connection.

How do I join this programme?

You can download and print off the form at the bottom of this page and then sign the agreement which is clearly stated. You application will be placed in to a queue of which will be applicable if and when the requirement becomes necessary. 

What do I lose?

Absolutely nothing at all, you only gain from this programme from your generosity, and you get a paid for service of your own!


Whats the catch?

There is absolutely no catch to this programme what so ever. We just really appreciate that you have joined the programme and been able to help other expats and new start up companies achieve the impossible. This is why we are happy to pay for your service!