100GB or *Unlimited

Internet usage per month

- Exclusive data package offers

- Unlimited Streaming with Unlimited package

*Unlimited packages are dependant on location and availability of network.


for upto 32 users

- for all devices and users


to all of France and UK Landlines (+ 56 other countries!)

*Free calls to the UK are only available on specific networks

upto 150mbps speeds

- 98% Coverage in France

- even in remote locations

upto 1000mbps speeds

- 12% Coverage in France

- big expansion in 2020

Get Fibre optic speeds without a telephone line.

In 2015, France's many current mobile phone antennas were upgraded to support 'LTE'.

'LTE' is an abbreviation of 'Long Term Evolution' of which is a rapidly growing data network that uses the current 4G mobile data networks across France.

Because the growing wide coverage, you most likely have high speed wireless broadband at your home right now and you don't even know about it.

The coverage to date (January 2019) is over 95% of the nation.

LTE can be hugely faster than your typical ADSL internet connection via a Telephone line and can be cheaper and more efficient to use.

To get online with LTE, all you need is our specialised broadband kit which has been pre-configured to suit your locality and your needs. In conjunction with a suitable data package, you will be online with faster speeds in no time.

To avoid expensive data charges and overpriced monthly charges from your current network provider, the equipment  & devices we provide are tailored and pre-configured specifically for your network and your requirements.

After baring with the initial cost for your equipment and setup, you will find that the monthly costs can save you money after a few months whilst gaining performance and happiness!

The speed of your connection depends on your locality so we do advise requesting or performing a coverage check from our main home page.


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