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Your new tailored MIMO Antenna

 Specifically tailored for every customers location and needs.

 -We recommend our Ultra broadband kit for any situation for        the maximum performance, however, if you are within excellent    coverage, you may not need one of these.

A new pre-configured LTE Router

Our routers are equipped with our own Firmware to ensure the best possible performance. They are also pre-configured for you so there is absolutely nothing technical to worry about.

+ The monthly data package

You can choose from any 3 compatible data package options.

We can provide unlimited data packages for streaming and heavy users. See more information on available packages HERE

TV and content streaming for everyone

Stream and watch your favourite shows from the comfort of your own sofa with our Official Google TV device.


Some of our routers are equipped with a telephone socket to plug in a fixed line. Alternatively, providing your mobile device supports WIFI calling, and you have the RedbySFR data package, you can call regardless of mobile phone GSM signal.



WIFI coverage for your entire family, up to 32 users / devices at the same time. Standard 802.11B WIFI coverage and the ability to extend further using CPL adapters.

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