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24/05/20: We have released a Blink app update for all devices.

23/05/20: New FREE firmware released for all previous CCT TV Hub customers!

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Since 03/07/20 @10:03

BlinkVPN Released!

Now you can instantly unlock all UK applications for ANY of your devices using our new BLINK VPN addon.

A physcial hardware instant VPN which supports up to 15 devices in your household!

See more on our website.

FREE Update for previous

CCT Customers.

As of May 2020, if you are a current users of the older CCT type TV hub device, we can offer you a free update to our new Blink TV firmware so you can enjoy all the new features we have to offer you, powered by Official google android TV!

New High Speed

LTE Broadband

We offer a totally exclusive broadband kit which will enable you to receive high speed broadband wirelessly using LTE.

No other providers in France can currently offer tailored firmware to unlock the true potential of broadband speeds which you may be missing out on. Even in remote areas!