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Oct 26, 2018

Delay on channel

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New to the hub today. I seem to have done something strange with BBC. It seems to be about 45 minutes behind and I can’t seem to get it back on track. It’s also buffering although we have 7 mbps download speed

Oct 27, 2018

Live tv events buffer all the time even when we have 12 or 13mb . Prerecorded live fairs better. Since we had system my husband has never managed to watch a football match in totality. But get Tom to check your settings most other people seem to have no glitches.

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  • As morph tv was playing up I check to see if there was an update. Noticed reference to new provider for want of a better word for on demand. No problems in principal, although it would nice to be notified when updates are available. However anyone out there changed who use track tv and if so was it a smooth transition?
  • FIRST POST We are getting totally fed up with this we have lived in France for 15 years we pay all the taxes and every else they throw at us every year,.we had issues with Phone x Pat last year because Orange was not doing its job and left us with no connection for 5 months as the farmer down the road had pulled down the telephone wires probably with their tractors . We were the ones who found the wires and even though Orange had been down several times to have a look they had not seen the wires down!!! We saw quite easily and photographed it and sent it them however it took 2 months. This year we have gone with cc tech who offer wireless supported phones and internet/WiFi solutions or so we thought via Red SFR they charge you 280 euros for a box that fits near your satellite dish, you have to to install it yourself! No mean feat... and you then only pay 20 euros a month for calls and texts etc.... or so they told us..... however we have been constantly charged more each month!!! We complained and was told to contact SFR ourselves and ther was an English speaking contact.....THERE IS Not so my husband finally spoke to someone to say we only pay 20 euros a month this went on for months , finally we spoke to someone who said yes sorry you are right you are paying too much as all your calls are covered by your agreement. So sorry, however that was two months ago and each month it is still on our invoice.... we are now up to 73 euros instead of the 20 as we won’t pay the wrong amount!!! However it is getting really annoying now, we don’t get a good service from this cc tech system and we wish we had stayed with phone x Pat now.... although both of the services pretty rubbish, how come people accept this rubbish , this is 2019 not the dark ages, we have proved they are wrong so why not deal with it? If you try ringing the RED SFR telephone lines firstly you can’t find a telephone number and then there are no English speaking people. SECOND POST Well because if all the hassle we had with Phonexpat and orange last year it was suggested we go with a company that connects wirelessly! So we were given details if a company that you buy their wireless box fir 280 € then pay 20€ per month . Seemed like a good deal until we realised that we had to set it up ourselves!!! Which for most people would be daunting! However my husband managed it but the speeds leaves something to be desired! Anyway first bill came in from sfr but it was more than we agreed which we contested and finally they gave us a refund . However the next monthly bill came in and again it was wrong all we should have seen was 20€ it was much more and done it again for the last three bills !!! The company who set this all up literally doesn’t want to know! Stating he only sold us the box he has no control over sfr but as we have constantly reminded him HE SET up the agreement and the package stated 20euros a month! Finally we have just received a message from sfr stating they are not continuing this package and we are now being charge for every call we make! Even though we signed a deal! And as we set up a direct debit they just go straight into our account and take the money every month !!! And the chap who set this all up dies not want to know! So what on earth do we do now ? Come back Phonexpat all is forgiven ? However the reason we left them us that Orange left us fir 4 months without connection at all and didn’t even notice the cables had been broken by local farmers taking their tall tractors into the field. PLEASE BE CAREFUL when signing into these deals they are not what they are supposed to be. They are not bothered about their customers as long as they get their money . We are stuffed now...anyone got any suggestiions. THIRD POST Finally we received a phone call from the manager of REDbySFR who said the reason you are being charged these high charges is because you have a mobile line not a fixe line and every call is being charged. He also let slip, innocently we hope, that UK is NOT NOW PART OF THE EU. So watch out! We said that we had told CCTechnician that we wanted the 20 euros a month deal for internet and unlimited calls to UK but the REDbySFR manager said no that’s not this line you have a mobile line. So we phoned CCT who didn’t want to know.... The owner said he set it up with RedbySFR but he doesn’t want to know because he only sells the package. When we said we have been told by two different REDbysfr staff, one being the manager, that it is a mobile line that we have been given he said he is telling you rubbish! So we have signed up with SFR direct for a new contract with WiFi and free calls. However we now have this wireless box abd aerial but CCT won’t take it back because they say the equipment is not faulty but they set the whole package up with WiFi and free calls that we are not getting. Let alone the slow speed and unreliability of the WiFi connection. We do not consider this to be fair. This gives English entrepreneurs a bad name in our view. People seem to be full of praise but are they getting the service they were promised or is it just the speed of the WiFi. (Is anyone aware of how you are able to plug in a normal landline phone into a WiFi router as we are confused by this?)
  • Is anyone else having poor reception from the Allemans (Puy de Beamont) mast (24600) We've consistently had +- 25-30mps down and +-10-25mps up since installing the system some 2 months ago? But over the past week its been dropping off randomly and now we are down to almost no signal and poor up & download speeds.....