High speed internet at your finger-tips

Take advantage of new and high speed wireless broadband networks in France.

Since 2017, France now has a much improved 4G LTE network right accross the nation.

Unfortunately it has only been reserved for mobile phone users...Until now!

We at CCT can provide the correctly configured equipment for your needs so you can take advantage of the LTE networks so you don't have to suffer expensive data roaming charges or unfair costs on the equipment you are using.

- Potential speeds of up to 100Mbps

- Free Phone calls

- Cheaper monthly costs

- No Contracts


Providing excellence for Expats

We are English spoken and have helped hundreds of Expats living in France to help achieve what would have been impossible.

Fast setup

We aim to get you connected within less than 7 days and we hope to dispatch deliveries within 24 hours.

Online Support

We offer technical support by 

telephone or email and even remote support functions.

6 Days a week!

Top Security

We provide automatic security updates and offer encrypted security on our service and your payments.

Learn All About the Advantages that LTE Networks Has to Offer

An ever faster growing network

As the name 'Long term evolution' suggests, LTE is a rapidly growing network protocol which is expected to only expand and gain in speeds as time goes on.

Excellent choice for your Home

With the ability to have up to 32 connected users all at once, an LTE broadband connected is perfect for your Home. 

Advanced speeds and a WIFI connection makes the new network a perfect replacement to your existing ADSL connection.

We've Come a Long Way

Since 2017

Our company was established and SIRET registered in France in 2017.

The aim was to provide a service for faster broadband speeds and the ability to watch TV.

It was apparent that it was desperately sought. France commonly suffers very slow ADSL speeds and telephone lines are outdated. It was time to provide a solution and have been successful doing so ever since.

We boast a success rate of 95%.


What People are Saying

Here are some reveiws and feedbacks we have from our current customers.

"Getting in touch with CCTechnician was the best decision I ever made when we moved to France. We would have had to suffer internet speeds of less than 1mbps! on Orange ADSL!"

George Western

(Charentes Maritime)

"Thank you so much for helping us save some of our renovation money each month. Though it will be spent on wine! at least I can enjoy my wine whilst watching TV!"

Ralph Hodgekins


"We have lived in France for over 12 years and only just found out that we have been missing out on. We now have a very fast connection and have overspent so much in the recent years just so we can skype our family back in the UK."

Rose Yeates

(Haute Vienne)


Get in Touch

We understand that there can be confusion.

We are happy to answer any queries that you may have.

If you have a query about our Broadband services, please ensure you

include your commune name and postcode so we can help you further.


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