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We've come a long Way...

Established since 2017

Providing excellence for Expats

Our company was established and registered in France in 2017.

Our original goal was to provide a service for faster broadband speeds and the ability to watch TV.

It was apparent that faster internet speeds wer desperately sought, and still is today.

France commonly suffers very slow ADSL speeds and the telephone lines infrastructure is outdated.

It was time to change this, and provide a solution. We have been successful doing so ever since.

We are proud to boast a success rate of 95% from our advise and solutions.

We are English spoken and have helped hundreds of Expats living in France

to achieve what would have been impossible.

Fast setup

We aim to get you connected within less than 10 days and we hope to dispatch deliveries within 48 hours.

Online Support

We offer technical support in English and online

Monday - Saturday

Top Security

We provide automatic security updates and offer encrypted SSL security on our services and your payments.

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