Blink Unlimited LTE (Affiliation)



Unlimited monthly data SIM card for your router. 

- Your router MUST be purchased from us containing Blink router Firmware

- An agreement will be sent you by email which requires signature and return

- Works on 1800mhz LTE Frequency at up to 150 mbps speeds!


How does this work?

We purchase and resell data from multiple other willing users on our afilliation programme, and then we pack your SIM card with the data. Initially each month you have 1000GB at your disposal, so if you have plans to download content over 1000GB in size, we just ask you to inform us so we can accomodate you.

If you are worried about exceeding the 1000GB initial limit, fear not, we automatically repack your SIM card with another 1000GB data!


Monthly Payments Information - Please read

To avoid contracts, and the need for further after sales agreements, we will take your monthly payments from the same bank card that you are using to purchase this initial order.


Please note, if your bank card expires, your service will stop. 

Be sure to contact us to have the payment details changed if your card expires.

Blink Unlimited LTE (Affiliation)

  • Upon purchase of this product, you agree to adhere to the following terms and conditions.

    1a. You agree that all administration of the account, or administration of the settings on the network / provider / ownership, must be conducted by blink connect.

    1b. Any changes either by accident, or intentional to the original account via the network provider will result in disconnection of your service.

    1c. You agree that any personal information of the current SIM owner, such telephone number or address could potentially be shown in some cases and is to be kept completely private. Because of the type of service you receive, you are in agreement with the original contract owner. 

    2. You agree that under no circumstances should the SIM card be taken outside of FRANCE at any time.

    3. You agree that the SIM data is not used for illegal purposes which includes the following...

    - The download of explicit or illegal content or illegal arrangements which include a, illegal pornography b, drugs or criminal offences

    - The download or streaming of copyrighted material

    - The purpose of hate crimes, spam, virus distribution


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