Blink VPN (Yearly)

With this tiny device, whilst connected to your home router / modem, it will automatically divert all your traffic via your new UK IP address. 

- Absolutely no fuss and no interaction required, just power on and connect it to your router by cable or by WIFI. (We will automatically setup your WIFI settings)

- Browse the web, watch content with unrestricted speeds

- Share files with work or friends completely secure

- Geographically unlock all content from the UK whilst in France or Spain

- Access restricted contect such as BBC IPlayer and other geo locked content

- Provides privacy and also security

- Functions as a private and extended WIFI network

- Use the router app to setup how you like it


Permanently connected VPN via the United Kingdom when connect to your router and USB power

Max.300Mbps WIFI Speed for up to 15 devices 

One 100Mb Ethernet port (WAN/LAN), easy to switch in Web UI

Light and portable, smallest in the world

AP/Router/Extender three modes for selection

Support up to 15 clients connections at the same time

Wireless coverage can reach to 80 meters in an open area



blink edition microuter-N300 router

USB Power Cable

Blink VPN (Yearly)

  • WIFI

    If you are hoping to use this device as a VPN wifi extender (recommended), We ask you to provide your home WIFI network name as shown exactly, and the exact password. This will allow us to setup your VPN microuter to work in your home the moment you take it out of the box and power it on. This is beneficial to you if you are not experienced in VPN's.

    If you also would like to move your VPN router around your home often, we further advise that you select this WIFI option.



    If you would like to take advantage of the maximum performance of this device, you may want to select this option. This option means that it will be USB powered by your router and connected directly to a network socket on your router. This will then only provide WIFI to the devices in the same room as the Microuter. 


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