LTE 4G "MIMO" Antenna - Specifically tuned for French Networks (SFR / FREE)

- Boost your incoming 4G signal by 13dbi

- Suitable for upto 10KM range

- Compatible with CCT firmware enabled Huawei routers

- 810mhz - 1800mhz



1 x Flat Panel Antenna

1 x Clamping accessories

2 x RG58 specific sealed cables (5 meters length)


Does not include Mounting post / pole


This antenna can be installed outside your home to help deliver much greater signal strength for your router.

The antenna has a 60 degree angle 'arch' to receive the incoming signal, so it should be pointed approximately in the direction of the nearest network providers signal mast.


It should be installed and clamped on to a mounting post / pole of which is natively suitable for a satellite dish or aerial. This is not included with the purchase and is available from any suitable local Bricomarche / Depot / Electronic / TV Store. 



LTE 4G MIMO Flat Panel Antenna

109,00 €Price