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Standard 4G+ for home

STANDARD LTE Broadband Internet connection kit includes:

1x Blink Enabled B535s Router with tailored firmware by Blinkconnect & Huawei

1x Power plug

1x RJ45 Ethernet patch cable

1x Optional Blink TV Hub device


- Upto 32 connected devices all at once

- Upto 100mbps connection speeds

- Ability to connect a telephone handset (Huawei router selection only)

- 4x Networking RJ45 Ethernet ports

- Supports CPL networking for your home

Standard 4G+ for home


    Please ensure that the information provided on this page, such as your Banking details IBAN / BIC are correct and must be with a French bank registered to your home address. Your IBAN / BIC can be seen on your bank RIB, of which is available to you using online banking or printable via an ATM machine at your local branch.

    - Your IBAN number must start with 'FR'

    - An example of your BIC code is 'AGRIFRXXX'

    If you have selected FREE.FR Provider, this requires you to purchase your first month (19.99€) + Security check of €10 which is included in your order cost.

    RedbySFR selection: The security check will charge €20 to your bank card of which 10€ will be deducted from your first monthly facture. If the order continues to be declined, or is to fail on various occasions within a 10 day period, we will still send you your order to you.

    This is a requirement within France to prevent fraud and check if you are previously blacklisted against using online services. All card information that you provide is never saved by us and is processed using SSL security within an ingognito environment within STRIPE handling services.

    Ensure that all other information is correct including a contact telephone number and your email address in case we need to contact you in regards to your order. If you provide an invalid telephone number we will contact you via email, of which may delay your order.

  • LTE 4G Broadband Data packages & Network providers.

    We can optionally setup your account for you with the advised network provider.

    By providing your bank information on your order (IBAN number), you are giving us permission to act on your behalf and use any of the information required by the network provider to setup your account. You are not obliged to provide this information to us.

    If you choose to not provide us with any of this information, you will be responsible for creating / obtaining a SIM card  and/or subscription to use in conjunction with the broadband package. We can advise you on any further setting changes that may be required.

    We are not responsible nor at anytime obliged to offer you a reason to why your network provider has rejected you or why you have chosen to not fulfil an advised SIM deal.

    We will dispatch your order / equipment to you after we have exhausted any attempt to setup an account with a network provider 10 days after the date of purchase.

    Within these 10 days (after our attempt to dispatch your order within 72 hours), we will retry on your behalf every 48 hours. We will contact you by email to inform you of this if necessary.

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