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TP Link AV Series CPL Networking Kit

TP Link AV series CPL Networking Kit


Extend your WIFI signal around your home with no loss of signal or speed. 

The TP Link CPL will transmit your networking signal via the electrical wiring in your home which will enable you to receive zero loss signal and speed. The adapters must be plugged directly into a wall socket both of which must be on the same Main / Fuse / Gain as each other.



1x TP LINK AV Transmitter

1x TP LINK AV Receiver

+1 +2 + 3 x Receiver (Optional)


This product is excellent for typical French buildings with thick stone walls.

- Simple to install

- 100x Better than 'WIFI Signal Boosters'

- Overcome long distance WIFI issues

TP Link AV Series CPL Networking Kit

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