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The wider impact of gambling harms 278.

The National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms 2019–2022312 defines “gambling harms” as “the adverse impacts from gambling on the health and wellbeing of individuals, families, communities and society.” These harms are thus not limited to harms caused to problem gamblers or to those at risk of becoming problem gamblers; other gamblers can also suffer harms and cause harms to others

Nor are the harms limited to the gamblers themselves, their families and friends. Other individuals, banks and companies may be unable to recover money lent by them or stolen from them. There will be a wider cost to society for health and treatment, welfare and employment, lost tax receipts, benefit claims, homelessness, the NHS and the criminal justice system.

The Gordon Moody Association, with their long experience of treating problem gamblers, wrote: “The cost to society should not only be counted in terms of the financial cost to an individual. Impact on their loved ones and family members should also be measured in terms of the devastating impact it can have on their own mental health, physical health, family relationships, employment and quality of life—thus demonstrating the wider social impact of problem gambling.”314


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