Our returns / refund & purchase policy.

Last updated: 02/04/19

1.a Our simple after sale agreement.
Your equipment is always protected under a 12 month warranty of which, in case of a serious fault, we would offer a repair or replacement of any equipment which is not working within the manufacturer's parameters at the time of sale.

This does not include accidental damage (please see re.

We can offer advice and support to you within the first 14 days of your purchase to help ensure you are receiving the service you expect.

For LTE broadband equipment, if within the 14 day period & your equipment is correctly installed but is not performing to the advised information from a coverage check, we would be happy to discuss a return and refund to you.

We are not responsible for cancellations of data packages / SIM cards / disputes or contracts that you have with any network providers. Please contact them directly. 

We are not responsible for any disputes between yourself and the network provider or any of the points made below. We are always happy to help advise further.

(Please see No.1B  below 'LTE 4G Broadband Data packages & Network providers for further information')

1.b LTE 4G Broadband Data packages & Network providers.

We can optionally setup your account for you with the advised network provider.

By providing your bank information on your order, you are giving us permission to act on your behalf and use any of the information required by the network provider to setup your account. You are not obliged to provide this information to us.

If you choose to not provide us with any of this information, you will be responsible for creating / obtaining a SIM card  and/or subscription to use in conjunction with the broadband package. We can advise you on any further setting changes that may be required.

We are not responsible nor at anytime obliged to offer you a reason to why your network provider has rejected you

or why you have chosen to not fulfil an advised SIM deal.

Please speak to them directly as this information is kept private between yourself and the network provider.

Further to this information please also see below  2.a 'Our return & refund policy'.

Further reasons for a rejection or inability to set this up on your behalf includes:

- Incorrect personal information provided to us

- Incorrect IBAN / BIC information for your bank

- a bank account that is not French (with FR IBAN number)

- Discrepancy with your bank account

- No valid bank account information provided

- Previous blockage of network usages (within France)

We will dispatch your order / equipment to you after we have exhausted any attempt to setup an account with a network provider 10 days after the date of purchase.

Within these 10 days (after our attempt to dispatch your order within 72 hours), we will retry on your behalf every 48 hours. We will contact you by email to inform you of this if necessary.

You are able to cancel most network provider SIM packages within 14 days with no further charges. Please consult their terms and conditions.


2.a Our return & refund policy.

- We do not cover financially for accidental damage or any faults caused by user error.

Please consult your own personal insurance policies for further cover information.

We do not provide an 'extended' warranty service or accidental damage policy unless stated as a part of any product information.

- Any critical errors with Software/Firmware on any equipment purchased is protected by a 1 year manufacturers warranty included with your purchase.

If at any time we cannot provide a verbal or physical solution to your problem, and have exhausted all possibility to help you,

providing there is no internal or external damage to the product, it can be returned for a refund to be offered within 14 days of purchase. 

If your equipment has a critical error or fault of which is not caused by a user error (see below), or the network provider (see above), we are happy to offer a repair service within your warranty term. If a repair can not be obtained, a replacement will be offered to you.

If you are not satisfied with the product and it does not contain a fault, please be sure a request for a refund is offered within the first 7 days of purchase. This complies to EU Consumer law and is important that the request has been made before the seventh day. Your are under no obligation to explain the reasons to why you would like to return the product, providing that this is within the first 7 days.

2.b Reasons for a refund do not include:

- Accidental Damage. (Water damage, dropping or external / internal / malicious damage to the equipment / broken housing.)

- Damage caused by floods, electrical overloads / lightning / natural disasters and other "acts of god". (Please consult your insurance.)

- Technical issues caused by any form of third party / network provider.

- Obtaining service from a network provider due to rejection or blockage of service.

- Missing components. (Missing cables, power plugs, memory cards, USB Dongles, Remote controls, Buttons, Antennas, Connectors.)

- IMPORTANT Faults caused by incorrect power input / power surges / storm and electromagnetic damage. 

(We strongly advise that you use the products with a surge protection device. We cannot stress how important this is.)

- Faults caused by user error.

- Inability to install / utilise the equipment as per the manufacturers instructions.

- Issues in connectivity caused by 3rd party connections / speeds / applications / VPN's.

- Issues in connectivity caused by WIFI or  incompatible Ethernet connections and/or Incorrect firmware updates and failures.

- Issues in connectivity caused by incompatible cables / connections / power sockets / software configurations.

- Software faults by user error.

Installation of none compliant software / applications or malware. (This also includes none compliant VPN services.)

- Damage caused by floods, electrical overloads and other "acts of god".

- Faults and Software failures caused by incorrect connectivity or 3rd party hardware.

Using third party devices such as NAS / External Hardware devices.

Under French and EU consumer law (article 121-20-1, la Code de la Consommation, le droit de rétractation), you have the right to return the product within seven days without explaining why and without penalty (apart from the actual cost of returning the product). Reimbursement must be made as soon as possible, and we will issue this within 30 days. 


2.c Returning your product(s).

- It must be sent via recorded delivery to overcome any outside interference with postal services. 

We are not held responsible if the item being returned has gone missing or has been damaged whilst in transit. 

- Use necessary packaging to keep it safe from damage during transit. We can not oversee faults / damage caused by the postal services.

- Ensure you keep the receipt from the postal service when you have returned an item and please inform us of any tracking numbers.

- The product(s) are/is tested before a refund, to rule out any user error, data loss caused by 3rd party applications or accidental damage.

- We will not accept a return if the equipment is damaged by water or malicious damage during transit. 

We ask you to keep the receipt from the postal services as evidence. You may be able to make a claim to the postal service for the value of the product(s).

- Ensure postal services are well informed of the value of the product.


3.a Determining a fault or user error (and the differences).

Faults can commonly be confused with user error of which we would need to determine before offering a refund or return.

A fault is covered under the 12 months manufacturer warranty on your product(s), and is of an unexpected nature and does not comply to the standard of which it was sold you, or during quality control at any manufacturer.

This covers unexpected complete failure of Hardware as for example:

- not powering on, (of which is native to the equipment at the time of sale)

(This does not include faults caused by power surge).


The warranty does not cover any faults caused by 3rd party applications or none compliant power plugs installed by the user after the time of sale. (Please see above 2.b)

Connectivity issues are not classed as a fault and is of user error and / or faults caused by the network providers. If the network provider reject or block your service, this is not classed as a fault within your warranty.

You must exhaust all methods via technical support from us @ BlinkConnect or any other qualified engineer or technician to overcome connectivity issues.

If you decide to use a third party technician, they must be SIRET / SIREN registered within France and evidence may be requested by us.


Please ensure your have the recommended WIFI / Ehternet cable / Length / Speed / Strengths required for your equipment to work to the standard expected. (Different types of cables can sometimes have different sized connectors, lengths, speeds.)

If your device is not working as expected due to a difference in cable design / speed / length we would not consider this to be a failure of the equipment.


If at this time, after all efforts to overcome a fault have been exhausted, we would agree to offering a return & refund within 14 days of purchase.  Thereafter the first 14 days, we will comply to our repair and replace service within your warranty period. 

User error cannot be a valid reason for us to offer a refund to you or you to return your product to us. 

Faults / disputes with any network provider / bank / 3rd party company cannot be a valid reason for us to offer a refund or return under any circumstances and is not considered to be a fault. (please see above 2.b)

If no faults can be physically found with the hardware equipment, or error within the native software provided, this would mean there is a user error / network error of which we will help you over come with telephone / remote support.

We can help advise you with errors caused by your network provider, and best advise on how to address them to overcome the issue in the quickest possible way.

Your products would be returned to you with an agreement to help you further if a user error or network provider error is determined.


3.b Our Support Service

We are happy to help you before and after your purchase to achieve the maximum performance from your equipment. 

We offer technical support via telephone / facebook / remote control support (Mon-Sat, 0900Hrs - 1700Hrs).

This support service is offered for 12 months after the date of purchase, of which is renewable at a fee of €59 for a further year of support.

We advise that the quickest and most easiest way to contact us for technical support, and for your security is to use our page on Facebook.

The renewal of our support service after 12 months has expired does NOT include renewal of manufacturers warranty / insurance unless included within a renewal of subscription for our live service.

All of your purchases have 12 months of support included. We will help you over come any issues you have with the product(s).

We do not offer support to third party applications / software / firmware / 3rd party network provider settings.

If failing to provide a verbal solution to your problem within 14 days of purchase we will be happy to offer a replacement / refund / return.


Further Information & Guidance Links
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