Standard Broadband Kit

- 100GB usage per month high speed broadband

- UNLIMITED usage possible with our Blink Affiliation package


- Unlimited FREE calls to all French numbers

- Unlimited FREE calls to UK Landlines (Free.Fr Provider Only)

- FREE calls to 56 other destinations worldwide


- Includes 2x 'Lollipop' antennas for upto 2km

- up to 32 connected WIFI users at once

- optional €29 discount on TV package at time or order

Suitable for locations upto 2KM from the providers mast. The location and distance from the mast can be seen in your coverage check. If you haven't already requested a coverage check, you can request one from our home page.

From €189

+ €20 monthly

Optional TV Package includes 1 year of service

of which is renewable each year for €89


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