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Free coverage check, before you purchase

The fastest 4G+ in France, with our tailored equipment  

Hassle free self-install kit delivered for free

Our 'Ultra' Broadband Kit provides the very best possible

performance when using 4G+ LTE in France.

279,00 (self-install broadband kit pre-configured)

+ your monthly data package & inclusive options

(optional) + 150€ to include TV package (save 40€)

now from just

This is no typical setup, *We polarise and pre-configure the antenna

and router to best suit your location which is not available from any other retailer or provider.

Capable of high performance of up to 8KM from your nearest output.


This self-install kit provides you with a exclusively tailored MIMO flat panel antenna

to suit your requirements and frequency of your location, and also a high performance router

that provides WIFI for up to 64 devices on both 2.4GHZ and 5G WIFI.


* When purchasing a 4G router or antenna from another retailer or provider, you will not obtain the full benefit of the 4G+ network performance.

With our polarised antenna solution, you can achieve a typical performance boost of up to 40%.

(In comparison to other sub-standard 4G (not 4G+)  devices), and a signal gain of up to 80%.


ULTRA Performance


Designed for use in France

English speaking support

24 Months warranty

All of our Broadband kits are provided fully pre-configured

and specifically setup for your location to ensure the best performance.

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