About us - We've Come a Long Way

Our company was established and SIRET registered in France in 2017.

We are formerly known as CCTechnician.com of Charentes Maritime (Department 17).

Our original aim was to provide a home call technical support service boasting over 25 years of combined experience.


The original aim was to provide a service for faster broadband speeds and the ability to watch TV without the requirements of a fixed telephone line or satellite dish.

It was apparent that it was desperately sought. France commonly suffers very slow ADSL speeds and telephone lines are outdated. It was time to provide a solution and have been successful doing so ever since.

We wanted to change this, forever.

We are now (2020) a nationwide (In France) company supporting over 1000 happy customers with our specialised and tailored broadband kits and ongoing support services.

We boast a success rate of 97% using our specific coverage checks and individual tailored services for each customer.

This year, with the help of the new team at blink and CCTechnician combined, we can start to offer, and be the first to offer tailored 5G ultra high speed broadband connections to homes.

We can provide broadband services that the main network providers cannot,

We support hardware and other services that main network providers cannot,

We tailor our services to you on an individual basis of which the main network providers cannot,

We are blink.

Since 2017


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